Sunday, July 28, 2013

Covering A Bubbling Manicure

Have you ever had a manicure bubble and you were too lazy to take it off or fix it? Welcome to my life. If a polish bubbles on me (I'll admit it's rare for me) I usually just cover it with glitter and call it a day.
But today I tried something different.

This is 2 coats of OPI OPI...Eurso Euro. I've warn this three times and it has bubbled each time. I've put this on other people and it's bubbled. I've tried different bottles. I've tried thinning it. Thinning it has helped a lot but still... I can't think that it's *just* me.
This one dried to a satin finish.

The bubbles were only really noticeable up close but enough to drive me crazy.

So instead I did this! After seeing The Polished Perfectionist's pics of her manicure I felt this was a good way to cover the bubbling up. 
I sponged Zoya Ivonka on my tips.

It's not perfect but it helped cover the bubbling!

In clouded natural light.

Bento likes to poke his head around my desk when I'm doing my nails and check in. :)

Thanks for looking!


  1. What a gorgeous combo!! I hate bubbling polish and usually try to cover it with glitter as well. This is another great way to hide it.

  2. That's very pretty! When my polish bubbles I either cover it will glitter to or put top coat on it, wait a bit them smoosh all the bubbles bow with my fingers and add one more layer of top coat.


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