Wednesday, August 7, 2013

From The Helmer: Zoya Chyna

It seems like all polish companies are coming out with texturized polishes. It's the crackle craze all over again.
Does anyone remember Guppy ( or CuDDV) polishes? I feel like those the first textured polishes I can remember. Even so, those were not nearly as textured as the ones I've dealt with recently.
The first ones I tried were the OPI Liquid Sands polishes. They were okay. But the second set of Liquid Sands was much better. 
Next, I tried the Pixie Dust polishes from Zoya. I instantly fell in love. These polishes have a sugar crystal like quality to them that just can't quite be captured on film. 
These are probably my favorite of the texture polishes on there. Especially since most of the texture polishes out there look like stucco.

This is 2 coats of Zoya Chyna.
Which by the way, doesn't Chyna sound like a stripper name? Especially with that "y".

Chyna is a classic red glitter polish with a textured finish. The flash makes it look lumpy and gritty and it doesn't look so slimy in real life. *Sigh* It is so hard to capture these textured polishes!

In natural light. This almost gets close to the crystal like finish to this polish. But I think the macro picks up too much on the glitter.

Thanks for looking!


  1. The Zoya textures are my favorite, for sure. I love the glitter in them. Otherwise, you're right... the texture just looks like stucco :-/

    This color is really lovely!

  2. Gorgeous swatches! Chyna is the perfect red texture.

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