Monday, August 5, 2013

Island Girl Island Sunset

Morning Lacquerettes!
I normally do my polish at night, a bit before bed. I didn't have time to do them last night but I was woken up extra early this morning and decided to dive right in.

I decided on Island Girl Island Sunset.

This is 2 coats of Island Sunset. It could have used a third to be less patchy, but I have to work today so I wanted them to dry quickly.

Island Sunset? Sound familiar? That's because there is another polish from Island Girl named this. (See my swatch here) But this one has a bright yellow creme base and green glitter. 
The formula was better than I expected. I've had quite a bit of trouble with Island Girl polishes before so I was a bit nervous to buy more. Even though they look good in the bottle, some apply like complete crap! But this one was not bad at all. I wouldn't say it was perfect but it was by no means hard to work with.
Reminds me of dinosaur eggs! Not that I've seen dinosaur eggs but one can assume. ;)

This polish gives me major lobster hands but I love it anyway. I rarely am in the mood for neons but I can't stop staring at my nails!

I bought this polish from the ABC Store in Las Vegas. There are also ABC Stores in Hawaii. If you ever are in either place you need to stop by and pick up this polish!


  1. I'm really loving that style of polish, and those are brilliant colours for summer!


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