Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Polish Room

Can I say how much I've dreamed on this moment?
I know eventually I'll move and I don't know that I'll have another polish room in my next place. But for now this is such a good feeling that I just had to share.
I've been slowly setting this room up over the last couple weeks but today I went out and bought a new table, chair, and other helmer from ikea!

First, I have to thank my wonderful boyfriend since he helped put everything together so I wouldn't break a nail. :)

Bento was also helping.

And here it is all set up. I'm in no way done. It's still a work in progress. But for now it feels good.

This is where I'm doing my pedicures right now. I hope to change the couch out for a cute arm chair.

The manicure table.

Manicure equipment!

Notebooks for writing abut swatches, nail books, and nail art magazines.

All the helmers!

This has a lot of art and other supplies.

The polish carousel my boyfriend made me.

 I took off the sticker off the white container. I have no idea how it got there anyway- I've never been there!

So? What do you guys think of the new polish room?


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