Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pinterest Nails: Pink & Tribal

Image from Pinterest

I saw this image on Pinterest and instantly knew I wanted to replicate it. Again, I couldn't find the original source so if someone knows please contact me so I can give credit!
Update: Looks like Mary tracked it to here.

I decided to use China Glaze Pink Plumeria as my base which is pinker than the original color. I used Finger Paints Paper Mache for the white base.

I used acrylic paint for the tribal design.

Not bad for a first go I think.

And I added Essie Matte About You to make it matte.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I love that pink shade! :D and I loved it even more when you added a matte top coat. :D

  2. Instagram photo by pamsandkin http://ink361.com/app/photo/ig-483274960680225958_19708042


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