Saturday, October 5, 2013

Quick Vinylux Top Coat Review

I've used the Vinylux full system in the past and had good results with it. It's definitely not gel polish like, it's not thicker and it won't last for 2 weeks. I'd compare it to a stronger normal nail polish.
I decided to give the top coat over normal polish.
I used it over yesterday's manicure. 

This is 5 days into my manicure.
I work around acetone all day. I file other peoples nails. I'm in water. I do A LOT of work with my hands. I have to say that the top coat was a bit of resistant to acetone. Usually I have some wrinkling from using acetone but I ended with none. I lost a few of the rhinestones on the last day but those also held up well.

The top coat isn't perfect, I did lose some shine and I had some tiny microcracks but that can happen over time with many top coats. I didn't try adding a second coat- I don't know if that would help. It's also not technically meant to be used over normal polish. But I am really happy with my results.
The top coat also dries really fast. I stopped using quick dry top coat (for the most part) due to shrinking so this is perfect. There was no shrinkage and it dries fast.

Thanks for looking!

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