Friday, April 5, 2013

Shimmer Vicki & OPI Mermaid's Tears

This is 1 coat of Shimmer Polish Vicki over OPI Mermaid's Tears.

Vicki is a really pretty pink glitter polish. It tinted my base color a bit. It made it a bit grey. 

Again, Shimmer Polish can be purchased here.

*Polish sent for review*

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

February/March 2013 Empties

Laura Mercier  Creme de Pistache Souffle Body Creme
I became obsessed with this body butter as soon as I smelled this in Nordies. The smell is soft and not too overpoweringly sweet.  The consistency on this was perfect not too thick and not too thin. It also was incredibly moisturizing. I have to say the only down size is the price but it is worth it.

LUSH From Dusk Till Dawn Massage Bar
This is all I have left from this limited edition massage bar. This massage bar came out around V day and I became obsessed with the scent and had to pick up a back up. The scent is lovely. Citrusy but also a bit Jasmine like. I have been obsessing over massage bars. I am such a sucker for novelties. 

GNC Women's Ultra Mega Energy & Metabolism Dietary Supplement
I realized I had half a bottle left of these vitamins laying around and finished them up after finishing up my last bottle of vitamins. I never noticed how sensitive these make my stomach! I don't think I'll use them again.

Qtica Pomegranate-Lime Shower Gel
I LOVE this shower gel! I tend to get sensitive or dry from certain shower gels. This one is very moisturizing and it lasted me such a long time. I have another bottle in a different scent in my closet already. Right now I'm trying a Cuccio one that I am also loving.

Qtica Grapefruit Surprise Sugar Scrub
You guys know I love my Sugar Scrubs from Qtica. I adore these. Can't get enough! :)

Haus Of Gloi Absinthe Sugar Exfolliant
Haus Of Gloi has also become one of my favorites for body products. Can one have this many favorites? Their scents are amazing. Their sugar scrubs are a bit drier which makes it easier for spread-ability.

Moon's Harvest Whipped Soy Body Mousse in Snicker Doodle
I love this scent. It's the perfect snicker doodle scent. It's just slightly buttery and cinnamony!

Sugar Works Butter Soft Cinnamon Toasted Almonds
This is probably the only product I would repurchase from Sugar Works. This scent is another great bakery scent. Cinnamon and nuts- Yum! 

Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo
I have had it with this dry shampoo! It is an amazing dry shampoo but this bottle clogged half way through so I wasn't even able to save the rest of the product! I have switched to a couple different brands to see if I can find a dry shampoo similar that doesn't clog.

Paul Mitchell Awaouhi Keratin Cream Rinse
I did like this product and found it made my hair a little less tangy but I didn't think it was an amazing conditioning treatment.

Nature's Plus Biotin & Folic Acid
This supplement has 800 mcg of folic acid and 2000 mcg of Biotin. I really like this supplement and I feel like it's been helping my nails so I'm going to keep taking it and see how it goes.

Vitamin Code For Women
I am loving these vitamins! They don't make my stomach upset and it gives me a good amount of energy without feeling like fake, caffeinated energy. The only thing is they are SO expensive. I think I bought a bottle for somewhere in the 60 dollar range. But I really think it's worth it if you want to take a supplement. 

Simple Traditions Coconut Lime
I love these scrubs! This one smelt amazing too.

Alchemic Muse Cafe Noir Sugar Polish
The scent on this is amazing. It's soft of a rough, spicier scent that also tends to be soft.

Haus Of Gloi Litchi Milk Tea Pumpkin Butter
Another scent I am obsessed with. It smells like sweet, fruity tea.

Seche Retain
I actually really liked this basecoat. I thought, for whatever reason, that I wouldn't like it. It kept my nails pretty strong and was a decent basecoat. I might by another one but I might not. I'm such a basecoat whore.

Salon Sciences Bonding Basecoat
Ugh! I hated this basecoat! It wasn't that great and it gave me peelies. I slowly started mixing it with Retain and it worked okay but I wouldn't buy it again. Ever.

Murad Clarifying Cleanser
This little bottle lasted me a long time. I do love this cleanser but right now I'm trying a different one but it works well to keep my breakouts at bay. I am also obsessed with the tingly feeling I get with this cleanser.

Juicy Couture 
I love the way this smells and I receive a lot of compliments on this. :)

I think this year has been pretty good for products so far!
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