Tuesday, June 25, 2013

An Update

It's been a little while, huh?
I don't really have any great or big reason for taking a break other than I was losing interest. Some changes had happened in my life. I got a puppy, a boyfriend, more friends. I started doing crossfit. I got really into crossfit for a while. 
Things just changed.
I still loved nail polish but I also do other people's nails 5 days week. Maybe I felt jaded. I have (compared to normal  non-polish-crazed people) a large stash of polishes. So with that, when new collections come out- I haven't been interested in much. The ones I do, I end up putting on my clients or friends and no longer feeling like I need them because I've seen them on.
Textured polishes held my interest for a while because it was a newer concept.
But I went to IBS Las Vegas this weekend and I felt my interest peek again. I ended up picking up some new Dare To Wear polishes which for me- are hard to get my hands on. 
I was excited again.

Am I promising to post every day again? No, but I'll be around. :)

My passion will always be nails but blogging sometimes can be hard work!
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