Tuesday, May 20, 2014

More Instagram Updates

Some crazy gradient nails I did on my mom.

They are even more fun stamped.

Half moon manicure on a client.

My little pony nails on a wee one.

Another half moon mani.

Marble negative space crosses.

Floral pedicure on my mom.

I loved this look!

Daisy nails.

Acrylics done by my coworker and pink stamping by me.

Geometric nails.

Delicate nails on my coworker.

Crazy fun black and white nails.

Wallpaper nails on myself.

Mouse nails on some wee ones.

Lacy french nails.

African nails on my coworker.

Asian nails.

Lacy nails on my friend Jessica.

Spacey silver nails.

Mood gel and some stamping :)

Wallpaper nails on my friend Kamaria.

Acrylics by my coworker. Nail art by me.

Floral accent nails.

Ombre nails.

And I started a little project for the home. :)
Thanks for looking!


  1. I like all photos, so beautiful. It's better to use the pink nail since it's the spring.

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  6. I love the half moon manicure pink nail design!



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