Thursday, April 10, 2014

I'm Still Here! (Long Post)

Well I haven't been blogging like I used to. I have a new job and I've been wearing gel polish instead of natural polish now for weeks.
And actually, I rarely miss changing my polish daily. I do miss all my colors but it's been nice not having to worry about my nails. 

But here is some of what I've been up to (in instagram photos).

I switched to gel polish. It was weird at first. But now... it's kinda cool.

I started at a new salon and started focusing more on client's nail art. This was some simple bow nail art I did around Christmas time.

Xmas sweater style stamping.

Over the winter I picked in crocheting. I crocheted A LOT. This was a quick hat I made.

And of course a matching hat for the man.

Dream catcher nails.

Lace nails my boss did on me.

Ombre glitter fade.

Simple crystal nails my boss did on me.

Hawaiian nails for a wee one.


Musical nails.

My heart manicure.

I also became engaged on Chinese New Year!

I turned 24. That was cool.

Blue manicure with silver stamping.

Purple manicure with silver stamping.

Blue and gold manicure with a big blue crystal on my friend Jb.

My gold and red manicure.

I made a blanket bigger then baby sized for the first time ever this year. I was quite proud of myself.

Cross and stamping nails on myself.

Some stamping nails for my mom.

Accent nails for Sienna.

Dottie nails.

Bright nails with some lacy accents.

I made a baby blanket for a friend.

A black and nude manicure I loved.

Demure accent nails.

Paris nails.

I made my first ever baby sweater.

Grey and white nails.

Geometric nails with crystals.

My mom's Saint Patrick's nails. Very different but fun.

Holo stamped nails with silver holo foil.

Some simple polka dots.

My mom's blue nails.

Simple purple and gold nails.

Sailor toes!

Gradient nails with palm trees.

Ombre black to white nails.

Pastel nails.

My mom's nails with silver stamping.

Fish scale mani with crystals.

Tech nails.

Sailor Nails.

Negative space crosses.

My fiance is a good sport.

Blue and gold nails for my friend Jb,

Detroit Tigers nails.

As you can see, I've been busy doing nails. Just not so much my own! :D
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